The world could use a break. Each year, Silicon Valley races to create something new. A new phone, a new computer, a new game. And like a bell rung at dinner time, we rush to eat it all up. It's almost as if we're all eager for a new way to distract ourselves from our own lives.

It's time we take a break. Let's take a step back from novelty and enjoy the countless innovations that already exist. And more importantly, let's get back to enjoying one another and creating deeper connections with those around us.
5mo ago
Digitally transient
@NoahStein Guilty of that myself. Funny thing though. There used to be a time when I eagerly awaited a new gadget, new game, new whatever. I would spend hours reading the latest rumors and counting down the days. And when it finally released, it felt like Christmas.

But now, there’s something new almost on a daily basis, and it’s desensitized me. I feel close to nothing when I get my hands on the latest and greatest. And yet I continue to do it. #Confessions #TechAddict
5mo ago

The lucky one
@NoahStein Nah, I say let’s keep pushing the limits! Where are the flying cars I was promised growing up? Where’s my robot who, over time, becomes one of my closest friends?
5mo ago

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