Heartbreaking. To be alone and to feel alone are two different feelings. One of the worst feelings is to feel lonely when not alone.

Seems strange when physically in the presence of others yet feel completely abandoned and detached.

Is it worse to be completely alone or be with someone and feel alone?
6mo ago
Truer words never spoken
@CindyHill It's especially difficult if you're surrounded by people who care about you, and yet you still feel alone. There's a lot of reasons why we feel this way from time to time, and some of us need more than just advice to overcome it.

For me, it stemmed from exhaustion. I didn't realize just how mentally tired I was. During the day, I was constantly being bombarded by negativity and stress. During the night, I was barely sleeping. This caused me to feel like I was completely abandoned with no real support. To fix this, I had to completely detach and recover. It meant taking a couple days off to do nothing but relax, sleep, and organize my life.

It's not something I did just once. I've now incorporated "recovery days" as a regular part of my life. And it's completely changed me for the better.
6mo ago

Onesaid Co-founder
@CindyHill Great advice!! Thank you for sharing your experience.
6mo ago

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