Is there ever a right time to give up on someone? Would love to hear your thoughts on quitting or giving up on someone.

Quitting something can be difficult, breaking habits , experiencing the unknown but eventually you adapt and overcome it.

Can the same be said about someone? What if they need you or rely on you but because it’s not convenient anymore, you let them go. Doesn’t seem right. But when is it enough? What if all your hard work and effort doesn’t help anymore? Is that the time to stop or do you continue forcing yourself and help onto them?

What if all the good you think you’re doing is really hurting them? So many questions, emotions and sides to consider.

Please feel free to share your experiences and perspectives.
6mo ago
Amazed. Everyday
@Avital I don't give up on the people I care about. But, sometimes I do let go. There's a big difference there. Letting go means giving someone the power to help themselves—and often that's just what they need.
6mo ago

Life Lover
@Starjockey That's the way I see it too. Not letting go creates dependency, and that's not good for either party. Plus, something funny happens when you're not around...somehow, they figure it out.
6mo ago

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