A feeling that has taken over me. Feeling guilty is admitting responsibility or remorse for some offense or wrong action, whether real or imagined. Most of my guilt is self inflicted and takes full control of my mind. It's a feeling I absolutely hate. It's a debilitating feeling and a relatively useless one too.

Why feel guilty? What does it do or solve? For me, I feel guilty over everything that involves my loved ones. I feel guilty for not spending enough time with them or for not being kind enough or for not doing more for them. There are so many reasons, but why do I feel them?

Do I really not do enough or not treat them to the best of my ability? If I can honestly say thatIi give them my all, then I shouldn’t feel guilty, right? Unfortunately for me, it’s not that easy.

If anyone has any constructive suggestions or personal testimonials, please let me know.
6mo ago
@Sasha Thank you for bringing attention to this delicate subject matter. I am very passionate regarding mental health and appreciate people being open Thank you
6mo ago

With a warm heart
@Sasha I can relate. My younger brother suffers from mental illness, and although I love him to pieces, I can’t stand to spend more than a few minutes with him. Being in his presence drains me completely. And I hate that I feel this way. I hate that I often choose myself over him.

To cope, I tell myself that he loves me too. And because he loves me, he wouldn’t want me to carry painful guilt over him. Sometimes thinking about it this way helps me. Other times, I overcompensate at the expense of my own health and sanity. 🤷‍♀️
6mo ago

No time for BS
@Sasha It’s a serious issue that males and females face everyday. We not only have to do right by the ones we love but by us as well.
6mo ago

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