Did people forget how to respect one another's personal space? With how violent and wicked the world has become, respecting boundaries is more important now than its ever been. And yet, it seems that people today have become more invasive. This extends beyond violations of personal physical space, but also of each other's private business.

Has the social media craze created a society that feels entitled to know everybody's business?
7mo ago
Tough B
@Avital The world is a scary place. It’s sickening how some people think they have the right to say and do whatever they want, when they want. To insert an opinion that was unsolicited should be a crime.

Respect people, their space and know your place!
7mo ago

The lucky one
@Avital On a bus right now. Sitting next to me is an old woman who keeps peering over my shoulder to see what I’m writing. Hope she’s reading this🖕
6mo ago

Onesaid Co-founder
@Anamora That’s pretty funny! That’ll teach her 🤣
6mo ago

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