Coming soon I believe New Year’s resolutions never work. If someone is really determined to do something, they will do it regardless of the time or day of the year. But this year, I am starting fresh with the goal to learn and expand my scope of knowledge with things that I find interesting and can also bring value.

I am starting with a Real Estate class. And to make sure I won’t back off from the resolution, I went ahead and enrolled in a class starting January 7. The first step on the path, and although the end goal is not defined yet, at least it’s a starting point. Cheers to 2019!!!
7mo ago
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Onesaid Co-founder
@KirsyNP That’s great, Kirsy! You made a plan and took the first step, that’s the hardest part. Enjoy the journey and may it bring you everything you want it to. Happy New Year 🥂
7mo ago

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