Amazed by The Dyson blow dryer
Although more expensive than other brands, the cost will be offset by the time saved.

Here is my list of pros:

-lightweight, it wasn’t as tiring to use as my previous blow dryer

-The temperature setting keeps the heat at a safe level and that’s very important to avoid frying the hair.

-It helped tame the frizz way better than other blow dryers.

Finally I should have purchased a while back, but didn’t. Thanks Avital for your recommendation and my kids for the Christmas present!
7mo ago
Onesaid Co-founder
@KirsyNP Yay Kirsy! So glad you’re loving it. Definitely the pros will outweigh the one con being the price, over time.
7mo ago

Free Spirit
@KirsyNP I was amazed by the results as well. Once you get passed the sticker shock, you’re able to see how well it works. The main way I know it works is when I use certain hair products with the dyson blow dryer, I get so many more compliments.

If you can afford it, you should have it.
1mo ago

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