Climate change is inevitable. Let's focus instead on how we'll adapt. Climate change policy is all about pointing the finger. It's about figuring out who we can tax and penalize for the effects of catastrophic weather. Unfortunately, in focusing on legislation and penalties, we're taking a major gamble. We're betting that we actually have the power to curb the progress of global warming––when it may very well be beyond our control.

Instead, we should focus on how we can adapt society to survive and thrive in a changing climate. We should be investing in technologies that can reinforce our infrastructure. We should be investing in new methods of flood control, fire containment and food distribution.

With the little progress we're making in these areas, I fear that none of us are truly ready for the kind of severe weather scientists expect.
1y ago
@QuietTruism Why not both? Let's focus on curbing the progress of global warming, and also work on contingency plans if it's gotten out of reach.
1y ago

Here’s a thought
@QuietTruism I agree. The kind of legislation being proposed makes a major assumption that climate change is caused by humans and can be stopped by humans.
1y ago

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@QuietTruism Humanity is already investing in new technology, actively building new and improved ways to combat flooding, etc. Everything you’ve just mentioned is already being done. It’s great to have a plan, but that doesn’t mean give up and just deal with the negative outcomes.
4mo ago

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