Humans have an immense capacity to love. Let’s embrace it. Open relationships are largely misunderstood. Although many consider the practice to be unfaithful, a consensual polyamorous or open relationship celebrates humanity’s greatest quality: our ability to love in near-endless quantity. If anything, the world needs more love, spread amongst more people.
6d ago
I make things
@YellowGolden If that’s your thing, more power to you. I can say with certainty that it’s not for me.
1y ago

Tough B
@YellowGolden Good luck with the venereal diseases you’ll encounter with that mentality.
1y ago

Let’s learn about fun
@Sasha That’s quite extreme. If both parties consent to having an open relationship, what’s the problem? Communication is key in being in any healthy relationship.
18d ago

I'm new here
@DailyAaron What’s the point in being in a relationship if it’s an open relationship. Just be single and have friends with benefits.
18d ago

I'm new here
@YellowGolden Disney princess
I agree with your preaching!!
6d ago

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