A crime against humanity. China's social credit system is essentially government-sponsored psychological terrorism. By 2020, China plans to harness its massive surveillance infrastructure (which includes over 200 million CCTV cameras) to monitor its citizens and asses their behavior through a social credit score.

Punishments for unsuitable personal or economic behavior include travel bans, slow internet connection, and even exclusion from private schools and prestigious careers. Dating platforms are also implementing the new system to feature the score as a social status symbol.

As China prepares to wage psychological warfare against its citizens, we must ask ourselves to what extent we will continue to support a nation that repeatedly commits crimes against its citizens.
10mo ago
Out of this world
@JonOsman I agree with you, but oddly enough I'm looking forward to watching this social experiment unfold. What if it actually does help create a better populace?
10mo ago

Think about it.
@JonOsman It would appear that the world is willing to turn a blind eye to China's wrongdoings. Perhaps it has something to do with all of the Chinese-owned sovereign debt. Or maybe we're hooked on cheap manufacturing. Morality, like all things, has its price.
10mo ago

I make things
@JonOsman The Social Credit System does tackle a big problem in China: a widespread lack of trust. In the U.S. we have credit scores to determine a borrower's creditworthiness. China needs a similar system, and the SCS seems far more accurate at determining trust than a FICO score.
10mo ago

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