We should have never let things get this bad. But we can do something before it gets worse. As California experiences its deadliest wildfire in its history, it’s time we accept responsibility. Decades ago, we were warned about the consequences of a lax environmental policy and a reliance on fossil fuels. We were warned of catastrophic hurricanes, deadly tsunamis, and ravaging wildfires. And here we are, experiencing it all.

But as we hear reports of countless deaths and devastation, it’s important to remember that things can get worse. And if we don’t do something drastic today, things will be much uglier tomorrow. We need to implement a fast-pace shift away from fossil fuels. We need to impose heavier penalties on companies that pollute our air and our water. We need to explore innovative ways to reduce waste and develop new materials that are safe for our environment.

We needed these changes yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start today. Just have a look at the consequences.
1y ago
With a warm heart
@Lightdriven Heartbreaking to watch. Change starts with each of us. We can’t wait for Washington to legislate. We all have a responsibility to live life sustainably.
1y ago

Made you think
@Lightdriven I’ll add that we also need common sense forest policies. Forest fires are a fact of life. And they’re made worse when we don’t clean out overgrown land. This is a failure on many parts.
1y ago

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