If women can choose whether or not to become a parent, so should men. As it stands, a woman can consent to parenthood, and her choice is forced upon the man. If the woman decides to go through with a pregnancy, the man is left with no choice but to provide for the child. If the woman decides to abort, the man is left with no choice but to accept.

When sex is a consensual act, the consequences should be decided upon by both parties. Anything else inequitable.
11mo ago
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@JonOsman I disagree completely. As a man, you accept the consequences the moment you have sex. If you’re unprepared for the choice a woman will make, better use protection.
11mo ago

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@JonOsman We are in dire need of sexual interaction contracts that outline what exactly you’re consenting by taking part in sex. In the event that this act leads to pregnancy, you forfeit certain rights and property for a minimum of 18 years. You will be liable for any and all decisions made by the partner who decides to go full term in the event of a pregnancy.
Sex is considered full acceptance to this binding agreement and any substance that hinders your decision making skills will not free from this obligation nor is duress an excuse.
8mo ago

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@Ayindae Your perspective is very logical I totally agree.
8mo ago

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