Let’s put an end to birthright citizenship, but not through executive order The purpose of the fourteenth amendment was to ensure the citizenship of former slaves in the aftermath of the civil war. It was not designed to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants attempting to bypass the rule of law.

That being said, an executive order should never override the constitution. We have a process for constitutional amendments that should be respected by our elected officials. If the President is able to make this change through an executive order, it sets a dangerous precedent for future opportunistic changes to our rights and founding values.
10mo ago
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Living and breathing
@JonOsman Following a similar logic to your argument: The purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that citizens could protect themselves from a tyrannical government in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War. It was not designed to arm citizens against one another.

The point is, if our rights suddenly become open to interpretation, we won't have any left.
10mo ago

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