Public Education Is A Disaster 38% of national schooling budget is wasted.
98% of students bored at school.
40% of students disengaged at school.
20% of students quit school.
In the last 30 years, the US education system has dropped 36 ranks in the world. We used to be #1. Now we’re 36.
46% of public school students do not feel valued at school.
We have a problem. Instead of fixing it, politicians throw more money at school districts when this has proven to be ineffective.

Rock On, Griffin.

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1y ago
@Griffin Troubling stats for sure. I think it's time politicians show some humility and look to examples abroad to fix the school system. Finland, for example, consistently ranks number one in competency and graduation rates worldwide. Yet:

- Finland's schools are publicly funded, and even higher education is tuition-free
- Finnish students receive less homework
- Finnish teachers work fewer hours
- Finnish schools do not administer annual standardized tests

With a similar model focused less on competition and more on cooperation, perhaps we can see a better education system here in America.
1y ago

I think therefore I am
@Griffin Very informative- I really hope things get better before my kids reach high school.
6mo ago

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