You know what, Apu? I'm really gonna miss you. Apu's character had a level of depth that most did not appreciate. He came to America to build a future for himself, yet remained conflicted about leaving behind his heritage. He was a family man who tried bringing romance back to his marriage after years of prioritizing work. He also built a business that become a staple for the Springfield community.

Yes, he was a caricature of Indian culture, but in a show entirely about stereotypes, Apu added a refreshing take on the struggles of immigrants living in America.

This scene from a 1996 episode of The Simpsons now has a whole new meaning. I'm going to miss you, Apu.
10mo ago
Living and breathing
@JonOsman Apu was always just a racial stereotype used for cheap laughs, and now suddenly he had tremendous depth? Sure!
10mo ago

Here’s a thought
@Janory I’ve been watching The Simpsons for years and I never saw Apu in this way. I wonder, why did you?
10mo ago

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