A culture of capitulation... If you’re not completely happy with something all of the time, walk away from it. Life is short and you deserve the best.

I hear variations of that from people all of the time now. Don’t like your job some days? Find a new one! Don’t like your spouse some days? Find a new one! Whenever there’s any friction... any hard work involved to make something work, give up. Blame “a changing society,” when, really, you’re the one who is changing society.

The family is the foundation of all other institutions... They were all designed with the thought that families will take care of their members, too. That’s why so many institutions (like schools) seem overwhelmed with their tasks now... they were designed with strong families as the norm, not the exception.

I married my first girlfriend and we have three kids together. It didn’t seem all that difficult to me, but maybe I’m lucky or easy to please.
1mo ago
Knowledge is my motto
@Matthew I've observed a similar mindset. Recently, I came across a Pew report highlighting the growing percentage of millennials that are delaying marriage. The report showed that the share of 20-34 year olds who have never been married has risen sharply in every state since 2000. Although it cites a number of reasons, the one I find most common is that couples are waiting until they feel more secure in their relationship, whether romantically or economically.

Combine that with your point about how common it's become to give up at any sign of trouble, and we have a recipe for a generation of never-marrieds.

I do have faith, though. After all, many young adults have had to live first hand through the experience of being raised by single parents. Maybe we'll see a shift in the near future.
1y ago

Free Spirit
@Matthew As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the dream of a frictionless marriage with a perfect husband is an impossible fantasy. Yet, I still find myself unwilling to settle. I’m ready for the give-and-take of a meaningful relationship, but quality men simply aren’t easy to come by. What can I say?

Matthew, you definitely got lucky finding your true love early on.
1y ago

I'm new here
@Matthew Consider yourself lucky. Marrying your first girlfriend, having kids and still being happy seems like a dream. To find love and still have it is what I yearn for.
1mo ago

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