A gift to the GOP As a teacher, I saw so many young people who thought that Marriage Equality seemed like the obvious choice, and they know a lot in the GOP opposed it. By getting this done through the courts, it effectively let Republican politicians off the hook. They don’t have to express an opinion to keep some of their constituents happy. All they have to say is that this was settled by the Supreme Court and then move onto another topic.

Marriage Equality was a huge gust of wind in the Democratic sails. Now it’s a dead issue. This, and Obamacare, are the reasons the GOP has been on a historic win streak in the last 8 years.
1y ago
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Truth Seeker
@Matthew I do agree that in winning this battle, the Democrats now have one less platform to run on. But the fight's not over. In Texas for example, same-sex couples could be denied the opportunity to adopt a child if the agency claims religious objection.

That's just one example. There's still a lot of work to be done, and marriage was just the beginning. I think the Democratic Party can continue to be the party of equality for this country.
1y ago

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