Impressive tech. Dangerous potential. I’ve come across a few facial recognition startups that try to figure out a person’s emotional reaction based on their facial expression. One in particular analyzes the facial expressions of moviegoers as they watch a film in theaters.

Here’s my issue with this. Suppose you unintentionally let out a smile or chuckle during a particularly dark and violent scene in a movie. Suddenly, your expression is captured by some company. How will this information be used? Will it one day be used against you as a pseudo psychological evaluation?

Let’s consider another scenario. Suppose the company you work for installs facial recognition cameras around the workplace to evaluate employee engagement and emotional wellbeing. Are you suddenly forced to smile throughout your work day?

There are too many ways this technology can be used to invade our privacy. In the wrong hands, it has incredibly dangerous potential. I’m not usually one for more regulations, but I do feel we need to take a less reactive approach to transformative technology and anticipate potential abuse well in advance.

Curious to hear other thoughts on this.
8mo ago
Onesaid Co-founder
@Avital As someone who can hardly control his own facial expressions, I completely agree. I’m also not entirely convinced that people’s facial expressions are a true representation of how they feel.
8mo ago

Amazed. Everyday
@Avital I completely agree. I think the tech is great for authentication (like Face ID on the iPhone), but using it to gather data on people is almost dystopian.
8mo ago

Out of this world
@Jean As someone who can’t even muster a facial expression, I also agree.
8mo ago

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