I’ll never look at a fabric storage box the same again Not after taking on this DIY project. I wanted a custom-made box in a specific size and color. Totally pleased with the final result, but making just one takes some serious time to complete. And after I finished, the cat found it so irresistible that he jumped right in! Now the challenge is getting him out.🤦🏻‍♀️
17d ago
Onesaid Co-founder
@KirsyNP What a cutie!! 💕 I don’t blame him for claiming your beautiful project as his new nap spot.
1y ago

I'm new here
@KirsyNP He totally fits!
1y ago

@KirsyNP Looks great. I always think of starting a project but quickly realize how much time and energy is involved and back out.
17d ago

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