Proceed with caution Recent developments in artificial intelligence are nothing short of remarkable.

Today, Google revealed Duplex, a new feature that enables its AI assistant to call local businesses and set up appointments on your behalf. Duplex sounds human, down to the “umms” “uhhs” and other nuances of natural conversation.

Developments like these are astonishing, uncanny, and even downright creepy. They’re also a reminder that we must tread carefully with this kind of technology. The ‘future’ is starting to look a lot like the present, and a world where human and machine are indistinguishable is closer than we think.

To take it a step further, AI is now able to create images, videos, and literary works. Soon, it may be able to create lifelike photography that can fool the naked eye. What happens when we can’t make the distinction between reality and artificial reality? Where do we find truth when everything we see and hear is up for debate?

Hopefully such a scenario will never come to pass. What are your thoughts on the subject?
1y ago
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Living and breathing
@Jean Wow, this is amazing and scary. Noticed the AI didn’t introduce itself as an AI. It also didn’t mention the call was recorded.
1y ago

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