+3 for The U.S. 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) The School shooting at Parkland School in Broward on 2/14/18 shouldn’t be forgotten. And something more than thoughts and prayers should be done to prevent these types of tragedies. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban passed by Congress in 1994 banned the civilian use of some semi-automatic firearms. Really hope Congress thinks, decides and does the right thing by bringing back a renewed Assault Weapon Bill--this time more strict, including closing some of the exceptions. Most of all, include extensive background checks and mental health evaluations. But again the root cause behind all mass shootings are beyond gun rights or gun control. For those attempting a mass murder a car is a weapon. Household chemicals are a bomb. #Controlinsanity #Controlevil.
Tags: #Controlinsanity,#Controlevil.
1y ago
Just Saying!!!
@KirsyNP My question is, how will they determine what gun will be in this ban list? Because the AR 15 will be on this list as an illegal riffle but then the Ruger Mini 14 that it is a wooden riffle will not and this riffle is the same riffle as a AR 15 and work exactly the same way as a AR 15 does but because it is a wooden riffle it is not considered as a assault weapon!!! So if they are going to do a ban they need to include more guns that the 210 they want to ban!!!
1y ago

Knowledge is my motto
@JTMoney10 It should be renew and more strict. The 1994 ban didn’t work precisely because of those exceptions. But anyway at the end we all agree that one single measure is not going to resolve the underlying causes.
1y ago

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