• To understand one another

    and understand ourselves

A platform for all points of view

We spend most of our lives wrapped within a social bubble. The news we read reaffirms our social views. The people around us see things much like we do. And, the technology we use adapts to our way of thinking.

It’s this insulation that keeps us divided. And it’s time we come together.

We believe our social bubbles can vanish by thinking differently about differences. When we open our minds to new ways of thinking, we take the first step towards building an understanding.

Onesaid is a platform powered by unique perspectives. By sharing the stories that shape our unique worldview, we can begin to understand each other at a deeper level and explore commonalities we didn’t know existed. Suddenly, those differences that once drove us apart now make way for new connections never possible before.

Join the effort to build the world’s largest library of thoughts and perspectives. Together, we can close this divide, understand ourselves and understand one another.

The technology

Technology has come a long way. Machines can understand us in ways that simply weren’t possible just a few years ago. But, one area that machines–and even people–continue to struggle with is understanding the way we think. Everyone thinks differently and expresses their thoughts in a unique way. Each mind is chock-full of opinions and each of those opinions deserves to be heard and counted individually.

As it turns out, there’s a lot of improvement to be made in how we approach opinions. These days, complex computer algorithms can read our conversations on Facebook and Twitter to figure out what we think about a TV show or product. While impressive, these algorithms fail to capture one of the most meaningful components of expression, intention.

We believe that intention can only truly be captured by the individual who is expressing his or her sentiment. That’s why we’ve designed Onesaid to focus on intention, using a sliding scale that captures negative, neutral and positive opinions, in addition to written expression. Each thought then becomes a part of unique visualization of an individual’s viewpoints, adding context to a particular perspective and fostering deeper connections through the discovery of commonalities.

Data democratized

When bits of data are transformed into useful information, something magical happens. We believe this magic should be shared with those who helped create it.

Onesaid allows everyone to dive deeper into the opinions of the community, while maintaining the privacy of each individual. With powerful analytics, you can discover precisely how people think about your favorite topics. You can see the strength of opinions surrounding a movie, or read what people are saying about a political candidate. You can also explore how those thoughts have changed over time and identify meaningful trends to help you make more informed decisions.