Onesaid, the app for all points of view, launches on the Apple App Store

A different take on sharing opinions, Onesaid aims to build a free and open library of perspectives surrounding every topic imaginable.



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MIAMI, FL – October 10, 2018 Today, Onesaid announced the launch of its public opinion and discussion app for iPhone. The new app celebrates open expression by making it fun and easy to explore different points of view. Through open discussion, the platform aims to connect users and foster a broader understanding of new perspectives.

With an ever-growing library of user-generated topics, Onesaid hosts discussions on just about anything, including social issues, fashion styles, and popular TV shows. As users share their views on the things they love—and the things they don’t—Onesaid creates detailed visualizations that help members connect and understand one another at a deeper level. 

Through these visualizations, called the Mindprint, users discover commonalities and explore perspectives with broader context. The Mindprint also reveals meaningful insights, such as a user’s openness, agreeability and overall intensity. With these insights, Onesaid aims to build towards a common understanding that can help ease political and social division.

“Many of us live within a social bubble—often one that we create ourselves. This bubble keeps us insulated from different points of view and breeds detachment at a time when division is already at its worst,” said Avital Jagudaev, Onesaid’s co-founder. “Now more than ever, it’s important that we broaden our perspectives and appreciate what makes each of us unique. Ultimately, our differences should set us apart, not drive us apart.”

In keeping with Onesaid’s goal of making expression fun and easy, the app uses a simple but powerful new rating system. The custom-made Sentiment Slider allows users to easily capture the degree to which they like or dislike a particular topic by sliding up to 3 points on either side. With each rating, users have a full canvas to write, photograph, film or even voice record their perspectives.

“This new approach flips the script on sharing opinions,” said Jean Lemoine, Onesaid’s co-founder. “Thumbs up or five-star rating systems don’t tell a full story. By allowing users to take a clear stance and capture the passion behind their perspectives, Onesaid can give the world a much more accurate look at the true feeling surrounding an issue.”

The new rating system also allows Onesaid to provide users with comprehensive analytics. The app’s topic Analytics are open for all users to explore, providing detailed insight into the distribution of sentiment and highlighting potential trends in public opinion. Each insight factors into the topic’s Favorability Score, which reveals a more accurate look at a topic’s overall sentiment than traditional rating platforms.

Onesaid currently hosts over 1,500 topic discussions, with new topics added by the community each day. “Early beta feedback was overwhelmingly inspiring. Long-time friends have discovered commonalities they never knew existed, and our users truly feel closer together,” said Avital. “We’re very excited to finally share this feeling with the world.”




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Onesaid is a community-driven platform where members express and explore opinions on virtually any topic. As users share their thoughts, the platform highlights commonalities between members to foster deeper social connections and expose users to different points of view. Onesaid’s mission is to bring the world closer together by broadening our understanding of different perspectives.

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