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MIAMI, FL – June 5, 2019

When we launched Onesaid last October, we set out on a mission to connect even the most unalike of people. Through Onesaid, even those with opposing viewpoints could find common ground by exploring new perspectives and discovering unexpected commonalities.

Today, we take that mission a step further. Version 2.0, available now on the Apple App Store, features an entirely new design, carefully crafted around fostering healthier conversations and creating more meaningful connections.

Introducing Impressions

A unique perspective can leave a lasting impression on others. And whether we agree or differ, we often find there’s more to say about a point of view than what a simple like, upvote or downvote can express.

Impressions add a new dimension to how we interact with one another on Onesaid. With Impressions, you can find a viewpoint agreeable and also funny and helpful. And for those less amenable points of view, you can make your difference known but also find the perspective logical or persuasive.

Each Impression comes together to help you visualize how you interpret different points of view and how others receive your perspective.

Add context to your perspective

Our individual circumstances shape how we see the world around us. This context is a vital piece in helping others understand why we think the way we do.

In version 2.0, we’ve revamped the Mindprint to make it a truer representation of who you are. You can now share a brief bio and add some background to your point of view. We’ve also expanded the featured perspectives section so that you can showcase your favorite and least favorite topics in each category.

Enter a world of positivity

We believe that a healthy mind is one that’s exposed to many different ways of thinking. But, that doesn’t have to mean sifting through a slew of negativity.

Version 2.0 brings new customizations to give you better control of your feed. You can now choose whether positive, negative or neutral perspectives make their way to your home page, allowing you to create a world of positivity (or negativity if that’s your thing!)

Download on the Apple App Store

That’s a quick glimpse of just a few of the new features in version 2.0. Download the update on Apple App Store today for a deeper look at all that’s new.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support! We look forward to making Onesaid an even better community to share different points of view and broaden our collective understanding of one another.


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Onesaid is a community-driven platform where members express and explore opinions on virtually any topic. As users share their thoughts, the platform highlights commonalities between members to foster deeper social connections and expose users to different points of view. Onesaid’s mission is to bring the world closer together by broadening our understanding of different perspectives.